Getting inspiration from my previous project, The Cycladic label, I tried to create a smart bussiness card, where the simple and everyday used technology of QR codes, combined again, with a minimal design to create a smart and artistic product.
My vision, remains, to simplify and improve everything. Graphic design can be easily combined with simple technologies and printing for something more than just art! An living art, an art when you can react with it and make things more cleved and efficient. 
So, I get experiment with my own card. When you see a smart card like this, you have just to scan the QR code in the front face and my portofolio will be poped as an notification on your screen, then just "Join me". 

Links for the mockup that I use

<a href=''>Photoshop psd created by Vectorium -</a>

<a href=''>Business card psd created by Cosmo-Studio -</a>

<a href=''>Business card psd created by Cosmo-Studio -</a>

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